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Garage 5B is a global healthcare innovation engine focused on incubating and advancing disruptive innovations to help patients lead better lives. We nurture ideas and empower entrepreneurs to develop the ideas into large independent businesses. Within the realm of healthcare, we are interested in innovations that combine technologydatascience and patient centricity to develop products, services and procedures that have the potential to disrupt the standards globally. 

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By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs, Of Entrepreneurs


Sam Lee

Advanced Science, Strategy and Technology

Sam scouts for new pharmaceutical technologies and designs new business models for entrepreneurial growth at Dr. Reddy's. Sam was formerly Director, Healthcare at a Canadian economic development agency. He has led pharmaceutical delegations to China, Japan, and Taiwan and has been an invited speaker to industry groups in India, China and UK about pharmaceutical commerce and R&D. Sam was also Senior Director of Research for NPS Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company that developed drugs in endocrinology and gastroenterology. Sam began his career as a research scientist at DuPont. Sam holds Master's and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry from the University of Toronto.

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Arun Dubey

Business, Strategy, Operations

Arun is an engineer from IIT and MBA from GSB Stanford. He is passionate about bringing business innovation to consumers.

Arun started his career in healthcare industry with Dr. Reddy’s and brings hands-on experience of various facets of healthcare industry. His stint with McKinsey & Co, and a startup that developed a revolutionary product to treat and reuse waste water in urban cities in India, has enriched him with hands on experience of operations, value creation and growth of different business in various stages of life cycle.


Nikhil Velpanur

Digital, Exponential Technologies, Maker

Nikhil has 14 years as an entrepreneur, technologist, designer and maker. He has been recognised as a TED Fellow and part of the founding team of the INK conference, having started the INK fellows program and developing the community. In his past he has run a media company publishing a 8000 copy/month magazine, launched India’s first indigenously developed 3D printer Brahma3, built a product that makes poems from random tweets, open source tools for wildlife to alleviate humananimal conflict, and involved in the founding and cofounding of multiple companies and nonprofits. He has lived and worked across South East Asia, being part of various efforts. He also advises, mentors and angel invests in hard science and agriculture start-ups.


Parmeswaran Venkataraman

Innovation Strategy, Org Transformation,

Change Management

Param has been part of the founding team in 2 startup companies (1 in Bangalore and 1 in California), has led 2 intrapreneurial ventures from scratch and 1 startup of his own (which gloriously failed).



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